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Prior to working with Anna I was quite apprehensive about working with a coach, after experiencing other coaches I didn't really fit with. However Anna was so different with her approach. From day one she helped me create a safe space, allowing me to really dig deep and look at the challenges that were holding me back both personally and professionally.

We worked through a huge amount over a number of sessions, at times I was way out of my comfort zone but with Anna's support I was able to trust the process. Anna used so many tools to unlock many of the blocks that were holding me back and causing issues.

6 months on I feel completely different. I now have strategies I can implement when I face challenges and I can cope with the stress of running my own business. I am now able to switch off when not working and enjoy my downtime so much more.


If that was the only result I would have been over the moon, but Anna has genuinely transformed my world. She is so authentic and that is what makes her an exceptional coach. I also know she is there is I have a wobble or need to talk things through. 

I will be forever grateful for the difference Anna has made.

Carys Wheatland-Jukes - Founder, Mewstone Candle Company

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When Anna from Room 11 Coaching first approached me to offer coaching sessions for me and my team I was a little skeptical about what the benefit would be, or whether it would be a valuable investment. However I am committed to supporting my team with their personal development and mental well being, especially in the current climate when life can be stressful for everyone.


We started to work with Anna in July 2023, and have seen excellent results from the off. My team is benefitting from regular opportunities to problem solve in sessions that encourage them to think outside their comfort zone, plan new ways of working and focus on growth and acquisition.  


Personally I have found sessions with Anna to be incredibly useful, the challenges and pressures that come with running a business are ever increasing so having dedicated time to focus my thoughts and ideas is exactly what I need!     


                             Jamie Hull - Director, Atherton and Associates Wealth Management

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A heartfelt thank you for all the time, energy, and effort you put into our six sessions.

From not being completely sure what I wanted / needed to work on at the beginning, you helped me get to the point and i've felt the difference - both at work and in my personal life!

Anna S - Individual Coaching Client

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