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Invest in your team

Invest in your Team

'Research has shown that employees who feel more valued are happier, perform better and are more likely to stay longer in their role. To transform a business, you start with the people who work there.'

 Anna Bates,  Room 11 Founder


If you would like to develop the people (including yourself), the culture and the working practices within your organisation, working with a Coach will provide the framework for 'transformational' change. 

I work with teams, and individuals within teams, to achieve better results, realising their true potential. I recognise that employees who feel involved, who have a high degree of self-worth and who know and believe they are truly part of the bigger picture are more effective in their roles.

The simple question is 'Can you afford NOT to employ a Coach within your business?'

Organisational change

Organisational change

For many businesses implementing change can be an unsettling time where growth stalls.

I work with organisations to help employees navigate through the changes smoothly, proactively and with a growth mindset, ensuring continued business growth and action. 

Organisational design

Organisational Design

I work with Directors and Senior Management to help map out the most effective structure within the business, where roles and responsibilities are well defined, support the demands of the business and provide a framework to positively appraise and manage performance.

Role Transition

Role Transition and promotion

Over 40% of transitioning leaders underperform in the first 18 months of their role - Catalyst14

Focusing on specific success factors I empower leaders to be successful in their transition from one role to another.


I help them to move successfully through the different leadership levels by building self-awareness, to recognise which elements of their skill set need to develop and what additional skills they need to acquire to excel in their new role.

Effective communication

Effective Communication

Effective communication, both within the organisation and with external clients/partners is fundamental to providing excellent service. Using a combination of coaching and mentoring I work with organisations to develop and implement an effective communications strategy throughout the business.

Leadership development

Leadership Development

I work with leaders to develop deeper self-awareness, increase emotional resilience and build confidence, in order to create the transformational change required for them to become great.

For many leaders the starting point is to understand their own values and beliefs and self-reflect on how they affect their decision making.


This leads to exploring areas such as dealing with conflict, holding difficult conversations, prioritising workload,  promoting effective decision

making and managing stress.

Multi party coaching

Multi-Party Coaching

Multi-party coaching involves over-arching organisational or departmental goals to be defined with the sponsor (manager), before team members take part in individual coaching sessions to identify and overcome their own personal challenges and blockers to achieving those goals.

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